My journey into the world of dentistry began during my high school years, where I experienced firsthand the transformative power of an improved smile. This realization ignited a deep desire within me to help others achieve their own dream smiles. From an early age, I knew that dentistry was my calling.

As I pursued my undergraduate studies, my curiosity extended beyond dentistry, leading me to explore the realm of business. Focused on mastering both online & in-person marketing and sales, I delved into the intricacies of these fields. Since my dedication to learning business, I have successfully sold thousands of diverse products online spanning across various industries.

In the year 2021, I had the privilege of enrolling into dental school, where I persistently nurture my passion and broaden my expertise in this esteemed profession.

Patient Ignite embodies the very services that I envision utilizing in my future dental practices to foster growth and ensure their resounding success. With a firm grasp of both dentistry and the intricacies of marketing, sales & business, I am dedicated to harnessing the expertise of Patient Ignite to empower the endeavors of dentists looking to grow their practices.